Hi, y'all! 

A bit about me : )

I'm Tina... an Integrative Health Coach... Barre/Pilates/Spin instructor... committed yogi... perpetual wanderlust-er... and just a simple gal dedicated to creating a #LifeInColor! 

What does #LifeInColor even mean? Glad you asked ; ) 

How we create a life in color can really only be defined by each of us as individuals, but fundamentally, it's the concept of approaching each day as the gift of a blank canvas. In our proverbial hands, we hold the paint brush. Sometimes we get to choose our paint, carefully selecting color by color. Other times, the color choices don't belong to us at all. However, what we decide to do with the brush, and the energy we pour onto the canvas, is always our's, and our's alone. As we close our eyes each night, not every canvas will strike us as splendid. In fact, there will most likely be a fair number you wish to discard. The most wasted canvases, undoubtedly, are the ones we leave blank from the fear of not knowing what to paint. Or worse, not believing we hold the power to do so.

But, I can promise you this. If you continue to sniff out your wildest curiosities...recognize what makes your paintbrush FEEL alive... cultivate the courage to paint when fear's holding your hand steadfastly firm... and finally, muster the strength to persevere through the challenges of color choices, poor design, and even just downright shitty application... you'll find yourself staring back at a masterpiece.

It might more resemble a beautiful mess at times, but the most colorful lives always are! 

My goal is to encourage, foster, and guide others to create their own #LifeInColor by optimizing their health and channeling positive energy. 

Welcome to Blonde Beet Nirvana!



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