• Matcha Avocado Collagen Popsicles
    Happy August! Here in Baltimore, it’s been hotter than a jalapeno’s armpit, which actually might be a good thing since it’s inspired me to get all […]
  • Golden Milk Frappe Recipe (Keto Style!)
    Hi, Gang!  know, I know… another Golden Milk recipe… but I pinky promise this is the best one yet! First of all, it’s a frappe, which […]
  • The Exercise Experiment
    Hey dudes 🙂 A big announcement in today’s post, but before I tell ya what it’s all about, wanted to give you some backstory. Perhaps it’s […]
  • Smoothie Recipe, Worthy of a Unicorn Emoji
    Hey gang! If you haven’t been following my Insta lately, I just got back from the most magical yoga retreat in Marrakech, Morocco. I’m essentially speechless […]
  • Favorite Books for Living Life in Color
    Hey guys! I took a bit of a blogging hiatus since December. Part of me just needed a break to recharge my batteries, and reconnect to […]

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