Hi, loves!  Are you ready to replenish, renew, and revitalize your body?  Say hello beautiful to feeling great?  Kiss the bloat goodbye, you’ve been dealing with this for way too long?  Release the toxins that cause that “blah” feeling you can’t shake? Rebalance your body so that you can feel happy, peaceful and energized? Freshen up your life with a delicious whole foods metabolism boost? Get your energy back, and hit the “refresh” button on your body? Amp up your confidence level, so you can feel comfortable in your own skin? DUH. Of course you are, right? WELCOME TO THE FALL/WINTER DETOX!

I designed this program for you to:

  • Ditch the afternoon crash and burn without the sugar and caffeine pick me ups
  • Lose weight naturally without shakes, bars, and pills
  • Turn the clock back, look and feel beautiful using a natural approach
  • Reduce your toxic load (and the 5-10 extra pounds it keeps on)
  • Crank up your metabolism using real food for real energy that lasts
  • Learn how to de-stress in this busy stressful world.
  • Uncover hidden food sensitivities
  • Kick sugar cravings to the curb
  • Embrace balance physically and emotionally for a happier, healthier, YOU


So, what’s the purpose of a detox??

Every day, each minute actually, our bodies are exposed to toxins that wreak havoc on our digestive and endocrine systems. These toxins can come from GMO’s, herbicides, pesticides, pollution- even stress! This can cause blood sugar imbalances, weight loss/weight gain, constipation, autoimmune disorders, poor sleep, headaches, and food allergies. And, this is really just the tip of the iceberg! I do NOT believe in diets (I cringe when I hear this word. It even just sounds miserable!), point/calorie counting that supports eating crap, or cleanses that involve starving yourself. This Fall Detox is not a quick fix, there are no fancy pills, or powders... just nourishing, healthy, whole foods! Detoxing a few times a year will help support your immune system in a safe and natural way. Plus, you deserve a program full of recipes that you can utilize over and over to refresh and revitalize your body!

Isn’t that what a liver is for? Yes! Our bodies do naturally cleanse themselves every day, but too often our bodies need a little extra support!

Will I be fasting at all? NO! In fact, you will be eating three meals a day of REAL food, and can have a snack or two throughout the day. I am a big believer in helping others make sustainable, healthy changes in their lives, and balance is a large component of that theory. There is nothing balanced about not eating, in my book. So, eat!

Am I only going to be drinking smoothie and juices?  No way! While there are some juices and smoothies for you to choose from, you will also be eating salads, soups, and even desserts that are delicious, nutritious, and will eliminate toxins in your body in a safe and natural way.

I have an existing medical condition. Can I still do this program? While this program is based on eating only whole foods, it is still advised that you consult your physician before beginning this or any program. 

Can I still exercise during this? Please workout during the program! If you feel tired or have low energy, exercising restores both strength and energy. During this program, you will be eating protein and drinking plenty of liquids, so if you’re already exercising, there’s no reason to stop! It is important to remember that whenever you change the foods you eat your body changes as well. Please consult with your doctor if you have any specific concerns about your health.

So, what's included in this whole shabang???

  • Fall Detox Guide: a step-by-step manual showing you exactly how to detox in a safe and natural way
  • Recipe Guide: packed with over 60 delicious recipes that will improve digestion, decrease inflammation, and keep you feeling satisfied.
  • 14-Days of Suggested Meals: this will help you stay on track and take the guesswork out of planning meals during your detox
  • 14-Days At a Glance: a day-by-day overview of your entire detox, with easy-to-follow recipes that make this journey easy as 1-2-3
  • A Shopping List: to make trips to the supermarket super simple, which makes prepping, preparing, and cooking for your detox a breeze
  • Food Diary: this amazing tool will help you keep track of how you’re feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally throughout the program

If you don't know me already, my name is Tina Milnes, and I am a certified health coach, through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. My passion is to help others feel healthy and happy! After spending years learning to nourish my own body, and subsequently graduating from the IIN, I have dedicated myself to health coaching others. Life is too short to not be everything we ever wanted, right?

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Note: It is important to consult your physician before beginning any new eating or exercise program. This is a clean eating program designed to teach you the difference between foods that inflame you and foods that fuel you. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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