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by | Nov 14th

Hey guys : )

I think I’ve started this sentence about 15 times over the last few days. Regardless of which side of the plate you were on throughout this election, I think everyone can agree it’s been a highly emotional one. If you’ve followed this blog for any given amount of time, you know that I typically carry a fairly light hearted, upbeat tone. I’m still that gal, but feigning exuberance right now would be insincere and I try to deal strictly in authenticity. Despite the fact that I am demonstrative about my beliefs and what I stand for, I tend to shy away from discussing “politics” in most forums, and especially in the epicenter of my health coaching business, Blonde Beet Nirvana. This election though was different for me, as I ultimately cast my vote much less in favor of a candidate and the customary political policies that shape my decision, but rather in opposition of hate. That’s not politics in my book. It’s human rights and frankly, decency. So I will speak and continue to speak to this matter. If vocalizing my agenda for loving one another as equal human beings costs me a few followers or clients, I’m okay with that. Good news? I think no matter which color you voted for, this post has the potential to resonate. Don’t click exit just yet ; )

Okay, so now that’s a bit out of the way, here’s why I’m posting. For as long as I can remember, when I’ve had, or am even in the throws of just a downright shitty day, I’ve called my mom. I’m lucky I have this option, and that blessing doesn’t escape me. And on those days, she always tells me this–

“Go find three nice things today.”

Now, there have been a bevy of days when this was NOT the advice I wanted to hear, and simultaneously rolled my eyes behind the curtain of my cell phone. It didn’t provide a solution to whatever matter I was grappling with, and sometimes even struck me as a guileless attempt to brush me off, or change the topic of conversation. But a few years ago, when a couple of bad days culminated rather quickly into a darker period of months, I began to take solace in her simple advice. In fact, there were days I clung desperately to these words. What I learned was that even in the thick of the worst days, if I looked- like, really, really looked- I’d find three nice things. Three nice “things” that perhaps softened my heart, revealed hope, made me giggle, inspired me, peaked my curiosity, WHATEVER. Just something that reassured me life was pretty fucking wonderful, despite the proverbial sun hiding steadfastly behind the grey skies.

This past Wednesday was one of those days for me. I was gutted, shocked, and ya know what? Really pissed off. If these weren’t your emotions on Wednesday, I’m sure you can still resonate with a time in your life they were. Or maybe not even on a day that was so epically bad, but hey, just not that great. A plain ol’s Monday? You get it, right? Anyways, this past Wednesday, my mom (who btw, was equally gutted, shocked, and pissed) told me to put my shoes on… go outside… breathe in that chilly, wet November air… and FIND THREE NICE things.

And I did. It was easy. It usually is when you’re looking for them.

That night as I lay in bed, I counted:

1. A peaceful walk with my dog, taking in the chromatic hues of Fall, away from the nasty rhetoric being thrown in both directions on TV, radio, and social media.

2. A beautiful conversation I got to have with a woman, a cancer survivor, at the presentation I gave that evening.

3. A much needed great glass of red wine.

Did those three things fix anything? Nope. Nada. Not even a little bit. Am I still reeling in some of those same emotions? Yep, you betcha. But recognizing my gratitude for these “things” did lift my spirits, and brought me back a bit into the present moment. A present moment where the world didn’t feel like it was ending. And I’m sure you’d agree- it doesn’t take an earthquake of an election to feel that sense of despair every once of while. At the very least, I thought less about the negative and focused on the positive as I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

This “Three Nice things” bit, as I mentioned earlier, is far from new to me. But I think now is a good time to let y’all in on it. In fact, I’d love for y’all to be a part of this. If we each count three nice things each day, can you imagine how many we’d find? And what if we were to share what we found with each other? YOUR nice things might count as one of MY nice things! Because seriously– something so small as witnessing someone’s else’s happiness can absolutely count for yours if it makes you smile : )

So I created an Instagram account this week, 3_Nice_Things to do exactly that. I want to share with you my “nice” finds, and I want YOU to do the same and hashtag #3NiceThings. You don’t have to do this every day, and who knows- maybe I will post every day and maybe every couple days. But let’s get this ball rolling! Don’t be shy! Worried you’ll feel like a dork? Who the fuck cares? A few years ago I stopped giving a shit what others thought was cool (or caring if they couldn’t handle my potty mouth haha), and let me tell ya something– you haven’t felt freedom until ya do. Find your tribe and love them hard, right?

Wow. I already feel a bit back to my Positive Patty self after writing this. (obvi, totally counts as one of my “things” today).

Okay, dudes. Do epic shit; live your life in color; FIND #3NiceThings!




p.s. That’s a pic of my mom and me after we voted together. Regardless of the long lines and results, it was a nice thing. ; )








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