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by | Jun 10th

Hey dudes!

Wow, forgive me for not having posted in way too long! My life has been totally bananas, in the best, most serendipitous way : )  I have so much incredible stuff lining up right now and am just the busiest lil’ honey bee! My days are often filled with jumping between several different jobs or events, which has really brought to my attention the need for nutritious, go-to, portable snacks. Lately, I’ve been crushin’ on peppered cucumbers and onions, in apple cider vinegar. It’s refreshing, tasty, and the health benefits of apple cider vinegar (ACV) are endless! No, seriously, endless. Google it and about 6 million trillion pages appear.

Apple Cider Vinegar isn’t a trendy new health gimmick that can be scrupulously linked back to some Kardashians paid promotion. In fact, utilizing ACV for medicinal purposes can be traced all the way back the patriarch of modern medicine, Hippocrates, around 400 BC! Bragg’s, one of the most popular organic brands, attributes the digestive benefits of ACV to the fact that it “contains protein enzymes that help alkalize the body, and like probiotics, replenish the beneficial bacteria that crowd out yeast”.

Additionally, ACV reportedly helps lower blood sugar by improving insulin sensitivity, especially after a high carbohydrate meal. Insulin resistance is often a pre-cursor to diabetes, and a major culprit in the obesity epidemic. In similar fashion, this wonder concoction has even shown in studies with rats to lower triglyceride and VLDL (Very Low Density Lipoprotein- the super bad cholesterol) levels! While I beg you to stay away from both the overt sugary junk and covert sugar found in high carb foods, keep all this info filed somewhere in your ol’ noggin in case you find yourself two donuts deep. Also, did you know that if you have food induced heartburn, you can help alleviate it with a swig of this stuff? There really is an insane amount of uses for this product, health and otherwise regarded! p.s. with all these #NationalEVERYTHINGDay ‘s, can we collectively bargain for a #NationalACVDay???? K, thx, bye ; )

Okay dokey, so how you you make this aforementioned tasty snack? Slice some cucumbers, and onions. Lay them in whatever various dish/bowl/container that appeals to you, and then cover with enough apple cider vinegar that they’re not necessarily swimming laps like Micheal Phelps, but still slightly covered in entirety. Add some Himalayan Pink Salt and pepper… and enjoy!

Side note: because apples are high up there on the Dirty Dozen produce list , stick with organic apple cider vinegars. Bragg’s makes a great product, and these days I am also loving unsweetened Fire Cider…sort of a spicy ACV on natural steroids ; )

Til’ next time, friends… make it awesome…make it healthy…and as always, LIVE YOUR LIFE IN COLOR!




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