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by | Apr 8th

Hey, friends! Happy Spring! Spring in Baltimore is a pretty magical time, although admittedly, I’m biased given my love for this quirky town. It always seems to sneak up on me, just when I thought I couldn’t handle the frozen tundras of leftover snow and early dark evenings for even one more second. I’ll be taking a walk, and then out of the corner of  of my eye, spot a glimpse of  Mother Earth’s rebirth… a Crocus. And slowly, over the span of a few weeks or even a month, Spring begins batting her flirtatious eyes. The Cherry Blossoms and Magnolia trees bloom, and the days grow longer. And I am once again reminded of the unmitigated love affair I have each and every year with warm evening twilights. Life just seems… well, more alive… in Spring, right? The force of new life has served as a gentle reminder, both metaphorically and literally, that is perhaps time to dig myself out of the comfy warm blankets I have encapsulated in last few months. Yes, the dreaded COMFORT ZONE. As often as I encourage others to break out of these proverbial prisons, by nature of being human, I recently found myself residing “comfortably”.

We fall into comfort zones for a multitude reasons. We’re seeking peace. We’re finding shelter. We’re hiding. We’re tired. We’re lazy. Sometimes we’re even just so blissfully content, we forget to keep going (*raises hand* “Oh, hi, that’s me). Regardless, comfort zones suck, y’all. The space you find in this zone is often made of false confidence, as no growth really takes place here.  And if you’re not challenging yourself, you’re not growing. Growth, of any kind, serves as an energy source and is, frankly, a necessity in life. It’s a vital part of what makes our lives colorful. Y’all know I have a thing with living in color ; )

But, stepping outside the comfort zone can also mean allowing life to get messy. It sometimes means acceptance of being a beginner (oooh, this is SO hard for me!). It requires tossing the consequences of failure out the fucking window for sake the of success beyond your wildest imagination.

At some point this past Fall, I recognized that I was living a life I had dreamed about for years. I was getting up with a purpose each morning. I wasn’t living for Fridays. I made a scary jump off of the corporate rat wheel. I launched my 6 week Signature Health Coaching Program for the second time since it’s inception, and had the pleasure of working with the most incredible ladies enrolled. I began teaching barre, at a studio I love dearly. I now teach anywhere from 8 to 16 classes a week and I am privy to witnessing so many amazing women cultivate their physical strength through channeling their mental fortitude. I am inspired every single day. A little extra icing on the cake? I now also spend a few hours a week working at a women’s athleisure boutique, owned by my favorite local running store. Health and wellness, fitness, and a lil’ side action of fashion? Um yeah, exactly the words I once wrote down when I was brainstorming the concept of Blonde Beet Nirvana.

I am beyond thankful to the Universe/God, whoever or whatever the source, of helping me co-create this reality. But what’s the next step? KEEP GOING. KEEP CREATING. DON’T STOP NOW, even if it feels comfy! And believe me, in those dark winter months, I was starting to feel a little too cozy. Whoops. I was most definitely living in the present moment, which is fabulous… but I also stopped cultivating anything new. I’m not a particularly religious person (I mean, we read the lyrics to a Zeppelin song at our wedding in lieu of a psalm), I am most definitely spiritual. I know I am being guided by a force far greater than myself. I think we all are. But, we are equally as responsible for the life design process. We are seemingly riding one of those two seater bikes, taking turns who rides up front, steering the handlebars. This is such an important facet to remember when we begin to feel stuck in life. You can not wait for the next big thing to happen or some miracle to float your way. YOU HAVE TO HAVE TO HAPPEN TO LIFE… even if “happening” just means taking the smallest step out your door in the right direction of your dreams.

So what can you do to get out of a comfort zone? Here’s what I suggest:

  • IDENTIFY your comfort zone. I realize this may sound silly, but if you aren’t able to recognize what’s holding you back, you certainly can’t expect to get past it.
  • Draw up a “vision board” of your dreams. Be gratuitous. Be crazy. GET CREATIVE.  Where can you take the first step?
  • Challenge yourself to push past boundaries and limitations. Most of these are all simply constructs of our imaginations.
  • If I’ve said this once, I’ve said it a thousand times. FEEL THE FEAR… AND DO IT ANYWAY.
  • Be patient with your progress.
  • Make it a priority.
  • Allow yourself to be inspired. Drop your damn ego and let someone else shine. You’ll be surprised how much you learn and find motivation from letting someone else be the best in the room. ; )

Where does that leave me? Well, I’ve woken up from my sleepy and comfortable winter. I’m filled to the brim with energy ready to tackle new adventures:

-I signed up for a couple half marathons and other races, and even joined a running group to train. Here’s the funny thing- training for the half marathon isn’t the challenge… it’s oddly running with a group! Yes, I’m a weird solo runner so this group thing is totally out of my comfort box. I’m liking it so far! Surprised emoji face.

-I created a new 14 Day Paleo program, as a means to introduce the Paleo lifestyle to anyone ready to ditch the diet mentality. Oh yeah, it’s available here.

-I’ve committed myself to writing for at least one hour, 3x per week.

-I registered to take part in the “Free to Breathe Yoga Challenge”, being held this August, Baltimore. Aside from doing 8 hours of yoga (yes, I said 8 hours… by myself), I am fundraising for the event to benefit lung cancer research and treatment.

And a few other little things too I’m holding close to my chest for a while ; )




  • Christy Marie Zdinak

    Loved this article. Inspiring. In fact, stepping out of my comfort zone and would love to learn more about your involvement in Free to Breath Yoga Challenge – if you are going solo, or working with a team? I would love to join either way.


    Chat next class? All the best!

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