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by | Jan 14th

Oh, heyyyy, friends!

Happy freakin’ New Year! If you hadn’t noticed, I took a few weeks of a hiatus from blogging. While I was still a busy bee, working on all things Blonde Beet Nirvana and teaching barre, I also allowed myself a bit of time to be present with my friends and fam during the holiday season. But, I am back and ready to totally love up on some 2016! Stay tuned for big things from BBN! In the meantime, I wanted to give you a quick update to my original post about our two week experiment, drinking “Bulletproof”-style coffee. Santa Claus must’ve turned a blind eye to some of my naughty-ish behavior this year, because he was super generous and filled my stocking with lots of healthy goodies! In fact, he even made a pitstop at the Bulletproof store (or maybe Amazon) and wrapped up both a bottle of their XCT Oil AND their “Brain Octane”! So, yes folks, I have now tried THE REAL DEAL. And… we’re not looking back. Basically, these two gems are rocket fuel in a bottle.

Before I nerd out on y’all with the science behind this stuff, I want to tell you a little story about the first time Travis, my sweet husband, tried this little coffee concoction. Travis, Santa’s favorite elf in the Milnes household, was actually the one who purchased these coffee accessories and as a result, was very eager to experiment with them the morning after Christmas. By the way, how typical of a dude- “Look, here are these awesome gifts I got you! Now, let me play with them.” ; ) So, Travis started with adding a tablespoon of the XTC oil, in lieu of coconut oil into his blended coffee drink. On weekends or days off, we often cherish our coffee together, lounging casually in bed. But after a long celebration the previous day, I let him roll solo coffee mission and slept in. I awoke (on the third floor of our house) to a sonorous echo, reverberating from the basement. Travis was so amped from his XCT coffee addition that he got a wild hair to clean out the entire unfinished storage part of our basement (that has been been collecting dust since our move in 2010). I mean… like, the whole thing. Cleaned, reorganized, and purged. Oh, and then what did he do? Oh you know, just sit upstairs and read an entire book on the history of oyster farming in America.

I slept in and then caught up on something more educational, like ‘Making of a Murderer’/’Vanderpump Rules’/’The Good Wife’.

Don’t worry, I’ve jumped on Santa’s Bulletproof gifts too and while my bonus energy has been much less devoted to a new year’s house sanitization, I can certainly attest the advantages of Bulletproof’s coffee appurtenances. So, why does this stuff make such a monumental difference? I’ll try my best to give you a simplified low down, but I highly recommend you read Dave Asprey’s explanation here. Side note- I am being made zero money or anything else for this endorsement. But… hey, Dave, if you’re interested, I’m in. ; )

Here’s a lil’ synopsis I gathered from the Bulletproof site:

MCT oil, when broken down, has a number of chains… C6 (Caproid Acid), C8 (Caprylic Acid), C10 (Capric Acid), and C12 (Lauric Acid).

C6, Caproic Acid, is not found heavily in coconut oil. Of all of the chains, C6 carries the most pungent, and frankly nasty, taste. While it does convert quickly to ketones, it can also cause a fair amount of gastrointestinal issues.

C8, Caprylic Acid and also the contents of “Brain Octane”, is the “rarest 6% of coconut oil”. It is LOADED with anti-microbial properties, in addition to also being metabolized in the brain the quickest. Your liver actually doesn’t need to process this enigma of an MCT! This means your body can process this into energy in a simple three steps vs. sugar, that requires 26?! Bulletproof’s site explains that this is the reason Brain Octane helps suppress cravings. Apparently, you would need a whopping 18 tablespoons of coconut oil to get the same effect as you would with Brain Octane!!

-C10, Capric Acid and also found in the content of “XCT oil”, is still rare, being only 9% of coconut oil. It processes slightly slower than the C8/Brain Octane. XCT oil contains both C8 and C10, and also is not processed in the liver. You would need 6 tablespoons of coconut oil to reach the strength of this bad boy!

-C12, Lauric Acid, is the roughly 50% of the content of coconut oil. Lauric acid still has some wonderful benefits as it also has some anti-microbial benefits, but it does stop over at the liver for a bit. As a result, it can somewhat raise your cholesterol more than the other fatty acids, because it behaves a bit like a Long Chain Fatty acid. So don’t go tossing your coconut oil just yet! It is an amazing oil to cook with, and c’mon… has about a billion other uses, right?


So, there ya have it. First blog post of 2016. Hoping to use all this extra energy from my Bulletproof coffee to do some really epic stuff this year… who needs a Powerball win anyways. ; )






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