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by | Nov 3rd

Fall Detox Cover1


Hi, loves! I’m so excited to roll out something BIG today, and it comes at the perfect time following last weekend’s Halloween festivities!

My journey into health and wellness looks a lot like what I imagine most journeys look like…and if I was creative enough to come up a better word than the cliched “journey”, I would. I don’t know why but for some reason, I have barfing tendencies when I hear that word repetitiously used in personal reference. I’m weird, whatever. But for lack of more creative terminology, this “journey” doesn’t have a definitive starting place and likewise, probably won’t have concise ending spot either. I’ve ventured down various paths, and changed directions many times. I’ve stumbled into proverbial potholes, and then found stable ground by rerouting my mission. Basically, I’m a bit like Alice in Wonderland, navigating the road to health and happiness. As I mentioned in an earlier post, about five years ago, I was battling my own body with an uncontrolled thyroid disorder to no avail. It was around this time I probably first made any sort of mental connection to the food I was eating. Why? Because gaining 25 lbs. in a few months will wake ya up a bit, right? In hindsight, I had struggled since I was a child with a vast list of health issues. Exhaustion. Chronic hives. GI pain. Etc. Etc. Etc. I was that kid always in a specialist’s office. But, despite all of my numerous ailments, I honestly didn’t put stock into what I was feeding myself until I couldn’t fit into my bathing suit. That, and when I was forced to purchase a bunch of new work suits (vanity and money always get ya!). I did lose all those dreaded lbs., but over time my heath goals transitioned. My focus moved from losing weight to how I could nourish my body best, so I could FEEL my best. One of these discoveries was my body’s sensitivity to gluten and sugar. And trust me, I really, really hoped this wasn’t the case. For one, I find people that create identities in food labels to be boring, and often very annoying. Sorry, food labelers. I don’t mind seeking identity in being a healthy and happy person, but whether or not I choose to eat a protein composite in a bunch of grains? C’mon. You got bored even reading that. Same. So my point is — I really didn’t want to be one of “those people”.

However, when a number of physicians that I worked with suggested I try eliminating gluten as a means to control my hypothyroid symptoms, I decided to ask my endocrinologist. His response was “can’t hurt? give it a try”.  And so I did, very skeptically. To my absolute surprise and frankly, a reluctance to initially admit it, within two weeks my chronic hives had dissipated, my GI pain had significantly diminished… and for the first time possibly ever, I wasn’t exhausted anymore. The mental brain fog I felt most days essentially eradicated. This sounds rather dramatic, but given the magnitude for which my quality of life improved, my life changed. Yep, this was a total game changer. I was finally able to establish a true mind/body connection, as a result, felt eminently better. This lil’ experiment also served as the catalyst for my entry into health and wellness. I said there was no definitive starting point and that’s true, because I had tried about a billion other “diets” prior to this. I do attribute this time period though to when I decided to pursue health coaching. Feeling that much better, I had the energy to actually live, do epic shit, and not simply exist anymore. Furthermore, I felt the passion to help others. Attending the Institute of Integrative Nutrition certainly bolstered my knowledge and expertise in regards to this subject, but I’ve also really come to believe that only YOU are really able to do your own body research . And, that’s why I have designed this 14 day Fall/Winter Detox.

My primary goal with any program I design is to help others ditch the diet mentality, while learning about which foods fuel their body best. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, which is why I have created, and will continue to create, a variety of tools for people to choose from. Different strokes for different folks, right? The 14 day Fall Detox was constructed to support people in naturally detoxifying your body using whole, seasonal foods. Additionally, this detox serves as a means to build a stronger mind and body connection. It’s not just all about what’s on your plate! One person’s healthy food can be prove to be another’s poison, and the process of detoxing helps resolve this. As I mentioned above, this was how I discovered my sensitivities to gluten and sugar, after eating them on the reg for the first thirty years of my life!

So, what is a DETOX??

Each and every day, toxins enter our bodies and wreak havoc on our digestive and endocrine systems. This can cause blood sugar imbalances, weight gain or weight loss, poor sleep, weakened immune systems, constipation, food allergies, headaches, and even auto-immune disease. And this is really only the tip of the iceberg! While our bodies, and livers in particular, work to filter these toxins on a daily basis, our bodies can only process so many chemicals, pesticides, and pollution before we begin to experience the negative side effects. As a result, doing a detox program gives yourself a fresh start to fall back into balance using nutrient-dense and anti-oxidant rich seasonal foods. Bodies are pretty incredible machines and when provided the right nutrients, toxins are released!

While you can read much more about what the 14 day detox entails here, I’ll give ya a quick overview. I believe in balance. There is NOTHING balanced in starving yourself, so there is NO fasting in this program. This is also not a juice cleanse, nor a program about taking a bunch of diet pills. This is about eating, and eating well! I am providing you with:

  • Fall Detox Guide: a step-by-step manual showing you exactly how to detox in a safe and natural way
  • Recipe Guide: packed with over 60 delicious recipes that will improve digestion, decrease inflammation, and keep you feeling satisfied.
  • 14-Days of Suggested Meals: this will help you stay on track and take the guesswork out of planning meals during your detox.
  • 14-Days At a Glance: a day-by-day overview of your entire detox, with easy-to-follow recipes that make this journey easy peasy.
  • A Shopping List: to make trips to the supermarket super simple, which makes prepping, preparing, and cooking for your detox a breeze.
  • Food Diary: this amazing tool will help you keep track of how you’re feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally throughout the program- NOT to count calories!

After purchase, these modules can be downloaded for you to keep forever– bonus! And, since this is a program you will be doing on your own time, you may start whenever you’re up to it. I am offering an ongoing private Facebook support group though for weekly tips, and additional insight. Groups always add a lil’ extra flavor ; )

So mosey over to the 14 Day Detox page if you’re interested, and check the goods! I’m really stoked to hear about everyone’s experiences and hopefully, yours will be as transcendent as it was for me.



p.s. Oh wait, did I mention it only costs $30? Yeah, I’m already in the holiday spirit ; )






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