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by | Oct 14th

Photo by Tim Ford

Hi Loves!

Today’s a new kind of post. Have you ever stumbled upon something, anything really, and felt so excited about it you just HAD to make sure everyone was aware of it? Because if they weren’t, they might be positively missing out on life? Welcome to “What I’m Loving This Fall”. And yes, take that last part about life with a grain of salt.

Before I said adios to my corporate job, I often envisioned what it would be like to work for myself. Some of this has transpired exactly as I imagined, and other perceptions have been replaced by new (albeit mostly lovely) realities. For example, the figurative weight etched into my shoulders over the last several of years of knowing I wasn’t actively co-creating a life I designed, has all but disappeared. WIN. The egregious amount of free time I naively anticipated? I actually just LOL’d writing that last sentence. Who knew starting a business was so time consuming? ; ) I can easily say I have worked harder in the last 30 days than I have in my entire life. But, despite spare time now being measured in seconds rather than hours, it has been a wonderful luxury to be the maestro of those precious moments. And during that juncture of bringing my budding little business to conception, I have totally been all about the following…


‘Big Magic–Creative Living Beyond Fear, by Elizabeth Gilbert:

When I began this post, I listed out all my fav things with the intention of coming back to each one to fill in the details. I picked Big Magic first, but returned to it last. Why? Because we’d be here all day if I spent the time to really convey the imprint this book has inked upon my heart. Just as Liz Gilbert pulled off in ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, her podcasts, and other various literary pieces, I was left wondering how in the world this woman managed to get a key to my inner workings.. and then unlocked it so dexterously? She just GETS it. Here’s one of the zillions of quotes I went bananas over–

“Creativity is sacred, and it is not sacred. What we make matters enormously, and it doesn’t matter at all. We toil alone, and are accompanied by spirits. We are terrified, and we are brave. Art is a crushing chore and a wonderful privilege. Only when we are at our most playful can divinity finally get serious with us. Make space for all these paradoxes to be equally true inside your soul, and I promise– you can make anything. So please calm down and get back to work, okay? The treasures are hidden inside you are hoping you will say yes.”


This Gold Kiss Mug

I’ve been trying my hardest to avoid purchasing coffee drinks. I’ve never been a gal who ordered much other than a regular coffee, or iced if I’m really feelin’ it, but I really do enjoy the experience and even more so, the aroma, of sitting at one of our local joints with a drink in hand. Alas, my very supportive husband, who happens to also be an certified public accountant, has requested we put a short term kibosh on this activity (“Tina, remember how you just quit your job?” Dollar signs in his eyeballs). So, I’ve been establishing my own coffee wonderland here at home, and using fancy schmancy mugs is a VERY integral ingredient. I found this Gold Kiss gem over at Shopbop. To spice things up, I add homemade cinnamon almond milk to my otherwise very boring brew coffee. Mind trickery, peeps. P.S. Stay tuned for that almond milk recipe- coming soon!


Ginger Tea:

Also can be enjoyed from my new fav mug. Ginger deserves a lot more credit than it typically gets as a side next to your California roll. This pungent, peculiar shaped root has strong anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties. Plus, it tastes great as a hot tea on these brisk Fall evenings. You can read more about the health benefits of ginger here. This is my recipe:

-Grate a knob of ginger

-Add to a cup of boiling water

-Let steep for 10 minutes



the song ‘Cannonball (featuring X Ambassadors)’, by Skylar Grey:

I may be on an island here but when I put in long miles running out on the trail, I tend to prefer blues-y, soulful tunes in favor of fast beat jams. Perhaps it’s the cadence that helps keep pace with my rhythmic breathing. Whatever the reason, this song by Skylar Grey has been carrying my feet swiftly along the muddy paths. It felt like it rained forever there for a while, right?

Mara Hoffman Fair Isle Sweater. Picture taken by Tim Ford.

Fair Isle Sweater by Mara Hoffman:

I’m like a starry eyed 8th grade girl at a middle school dance when it comes to Mara Hoffman. Whenever I spot her newest season’s collection, I immediately pick one piece out of the crowd and longingly daydream about our possibilities together until it’s mine. This Fall, it’s this sweater. And basically, I feel the same way about it as I did Luke Perry circa 1995. This crush runs deep, y’all. The good news? I didn’t have to compete with Brenda Walsh to snugggle in it’s arms.


Hilary Rushford’s Instagram class: 

First of all, if you don’t follow this adorable lady’s feed on Instagram- go do it. Hilary is a personal stylist, as you can quickly detect from a simple glimpse at her beautifully curated first nine pictures. One more creatively styled than the next, Hilary has woven a thread of intention behind this visual narrative. Between Taylor Swift dance breaks, she explains the subtle nuances of Instagram branding through the webinar she offers, as her side biz- a social media coach. I come from neither a marketing nor photography background, so as a new business owner and Instagram addict, I absolutely recommend this class. You’ll feel a lot more profesh after ; )


What I’m Not Loving:

The Ravens being 1-4. Stop ruining Fall, okayyy?


Am I missing something amazing? Tell me about it!



  • Erin Gahan

    You are so funny! I hope we get to meet in person one day. Luke Perry and Elizabeth Gilbert- two of my favorites!

    • Tina

      Thank you so much, Erin! Would love to “meet” up in person! Anyone who likes Luke Perry and Liz Gilbert is a soul sista in my book ; )

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