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by | Sep 4th

Kale Chips - yum!




Kale Chips and football… that’s what Maryland does. Okay, or something like that ; ) If this reference has escaped you, please go see ‘Wedding Crashers’ because you are about 10 years late to the party.

So, Happy September, loves!

While I am totally bananas about Summer, and bummed to kiss my flip flops goodbye for another nine months, I get so excited for this change in season! Why?? Because football is back, homies! It is no secret to most that know me- I am a die hard football fanatic. Yep, that means basically every Sunday from now until February, I’ll spend a greater part of the day watching games… and eating snacks. I’m not sure when Americans made the connection between watching football and the egregious sport of pigging out, but let’s face it- it is a cultural assumption that the two are the perfect marriage. And as someone who can’t seem to shed their lovable college nickname “Snacks”, I often support the food/football relationship.

In typical Blonde Beet Nirvana fashion,  I’ve made a commitment to healthify (I made that word up because it should be a real word) my game day munchies! On today’s menu: the perfect Kale Chips!

Kale, the once super VIP vegetable celebrity, may have been pushed off the A List for something else more trendy, but it is still a favorite in my house. And for those that also suffer from a thyroid condition, like myself, and need to cook their cruciferous veggies first, Kale Chips are still an excellent way of getting that high nutritional content our bodies need! What’s so awesome about Kale anyways? Well, it is packed with antioxidants, full of Omega-3, and has more Vitamin C than an orange! Bonus? Kale even has protein mixed up in there. That’s a solid veggie victory, right?

OK, so here’s my Kale Chip recipe. Don’t blink, because you might miss it. It is really that easy.

1. Pre-heat your oven to 300 degrees.

2. Remove the stems and ribs (that center part) from your Kale leaves. I use kitchen scissors to work quickly, but you can certainly use a knife or even tear with your fingers.

3. Take large sections of leaves and cut/tear them into 1-2 inch sections.

4. Combine in a bowl, and pour some extra virgin olive oil… I use about 2 teaspoons worth to cover an entire baking sheet of kale leaves. The leaves shouldn’t be dripping or soaked (that will make your chips soggy).

5. Massage the oil into the leaves.

6. Bake for 20-22 minutes. I check on them around 20 minutes for consistency- crisp but not burnt.

7. Allow to cool and season them! I like a simple Pink Himalayan Salt, but sometimes add Old Bay… I’m from Maryland, remember? We put Old Bay on everything, obvi.

And enjoy the games! Caw Caw- Go Ravens!




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