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by | Sep 18th

Hi loves!

I dropped a major bombshell yesterday. Yep, I quit my full time corporate job (still gasping!) to follow my heart, and start my own business in health and wellness. This was an exciting decision, but let me be clear. I could never have taken this leap of faith without witnessing the success of others who have made similar jumps. During the days when I doubted myself most (and I’m sure there will still be many more to come!), I often sought inspiration from listening to other entrepreneurs’ stories, and found comfort in their narratives. I am constantly inspired by people dedicated to living epic lives.

At some point this summer, I was sunbathing on the beach in Charleston, and as I pontificated life’s existence between glasses of Rosé – or more likely, agonizing over my return to work the next week- I came up with an idea. Wouldn’t it be amazing if I could encourage others to follow their passions by showcasing other people doing the work they love?

Sooo, welcome to my new blog series- “Cool People, Doing Cool Stuff”!  Ya dig?

This first post is about a really great woman, who happens to own a Barre studio here in Baltimore, called Pop Physique, a.k.a Butt School. Pop Physique originally hails from LA, and has only in the past few years opened in select locations on the East Coast. If you don’t know me well enough by now, I am a total Barre junkie. And, I have the biggest crush on Pop. Besides the killer workout, Pop Physique embodies a unique aesthetic in the Barre world. It’s almost like the chicks that were too cool for school, but were also simultaneously the most welcoming group of gals you’ve ever met. It’s a pretty freaking awesome dichotomy. Besides, their website also advertises this:

A Pop Story


The owner of the Baltimore studio is Kim Nagle. She’s the kind of woman that just wants to help other women. And that makes her super, duper rad in my book. Her studio is gorgeous, her teachers are amazing, but best of all- she just makes getting your tail kicked at 8:30 on a Saturday morning really, really fun. Seriously, I swear. I had the opportunity to ask Kim a few questions about Pop Physique and her path to becoming an owner of one of the most popular studios in Baltimore. Check it out.



Tina Milnes: Tell us a little bit about Pop Physique! What makes it unique, etc- I love the vibe here so much!

Kim Nagle: Each Pop Physique playlist is custom curated for the class and tells the story of where we are emotionally as a culture in this moment in time. They feature current artists and from time to time mix in classics.  We have amazing teachers who are expert in form, client education and a empathy and passion.
IMG_0723TM: What was the inspiration to open the Baltimore studio?
KN: I have always wanted to own my own business that had a profound benefit to the people who did business with me.  When Pop Physique came to me as an opportunity, I loved it from the start.  The leading edge marketing combined with the opportunity to help women take care of their bodies and strengthen themselves with nearly immediate results was something I wanted to be a part of.
After careful research and a trip on the east coast to choose a site it became clear that Baltimore had a significant core population of women (and men) who are body and health conscious so it seemed like a good choice.(My children lived close at the time)
TM: What other careers/job industries did you previously work in?
KN: I have had experience in sales and marketing my entire career. I started in retail and progressed to a manager for Corning Incorporated (Fortune 500 company) for 10 years. The time I spent as Sports Marketing manager for Serengeti Eyewear, a division of Corning, was my most fulfilling professional experience. We sponsored pro golfers, skiers, and a race car driver. Seeing our designs in movies and on TV was really cool.
I have developed 2 brands and maintained brand standards. 
All of this has contributed to my love for Pop Physique and maintaining the the purity and purpose of a brand. Kim and Keith
TM: Best advice ever given?
KN:The best advice I have ever been given is to not look back on your decisions. Make the best decision you can and then know that it was the best at that time. There are no do overs and each day is a new opportunity to reinvent yourself. 
TM: Hardest Challenge in opening your own studio?
KN: I would say the hardest challenge was overcoming my fear of being an entrepreneur and stepping into a industry that was new. When we opened in 2012, there was only one barre studio in the Baltimore area. We were the first and remain the only one in downtown Baltimore. There are so many other types and places that offer barre now that staying true to my mission and doing just barre is a strategic challenge.
TM: What are you most proud of about yourself and also, Pop Physique Baltimore?
KN: I love that my studio has brought friendship and community to Baltimore.  So many people come who are new to Baltimore, They meet up and have create real and lasting friendships. Bringing joy and an escape to people from their daily stress is our goal. 
I love that when we opened a client said it feels like a little slice of LA. 
TM: At what point did you know you were going to make it, as a studio owner?
KN: When I realized the scope of joy for myself and others, through seeing smiles and clients becoming addicted to Pop Physique. They  even began choosing us as a site for birthday parties and bachelorette parties! What an honor that is.
The success is not particularly financially driven. However, when we achieved the one year mark and I was still attracting and sustaining clients (addicts) I knew that I would be ok and the decision to do this was the right thing for me.
Thanks, Kim, for sharing a little bit about yourself and your path to become the owner of Baltimore’s Pop Physique! I absolutely love your sentiments that every day is a new day to reinvent yourself, and hope that resonates with BBN readers. Y’all, life is really short. Do something cool.



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