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by | Sep 17th


Hey guys!

So, I did something big this past week. Like… really, really big. After eleven years in the same career, I quit my full time corporate job. I think I may have silently gasped inside when I just reread those words…again… and then, again. My mind is circulating somewhere between a dimension of total shock and a sphere of absolute joy. Beneath it all, I feel the strongest sense of purpose my heart’s ever held. And because of that, I am confident I made the right decision to pursue my passion as a Health Coach.

The career I walked away from taught me how to become a responsible adult, prioritize, and make practical decisions. It constantly challenged me to strive the be the best amongst my group of peers, and then humbled me enough to learn being the best is typically overrated. It provided me reliable comfort and financial stability… and then ultimately, I realized that’s all it really gave me.  That’s when I was certain my job, was just a job. It no longer served me as a person. In the end, it was a paycheck, and my happiness was worth more. I leave behind this chapter with immense gratitude for the (sometimes painful!) lessons gifted to me. Most of all, I am thankful for the contrast my job casted often on my daily life, as it was the dark shadows that pushed me to find the light.

I began this journey into health and wellness a little over five years ago. I was thirty years old, and struggling with an uncontrolled thyroid disorder. I was desperate for answers. I had seen a myriad of endocrinologists, and despite finding one that administered all the right tests, and treated my symptoms beyond just the numbers… I still felt like shit. There were so many nights I slept for ten hours or more, and then woke up still exhausted. I gained 25 lbs., even while training for my first half-marathon and going to intensive pilates class twice a week. There were plenty of other various maladies also causing concern, but like most women these days, my motivation to get healthy was primarily driven by the goal to fit back into my bikini. A close second to that goal? To have enough energy to go somewhere besides my bed in that bikini.

I was on a mission to find the fastest, easiest way to drop the weight, and feel better. Although finding the solution didn’t necessarily appear as quickly as I hoped, the answer to all my health concerns was more simple than I ever anticipated. Wanna know this super secret sage wisdom?


Now, I realize that like many you, this “simple” solution doesn’t always feel so simple. Temptation, cravings, lack of time, and just life in general, tend to weave themselves into this equation and distort the reality of how we wish to treat ourselves. I get it, y’all. But after a lot of trial and error, plus a year of studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I have a good grasp on how to build small sustainable changes into my life. I am at a point in my life where I almost am at a loss for words to describe how good I feel- mentally, physically, and emotionally. While I squeezed easily back into that bikini several years ago, I realize now that my primary goal of weight loss was really just a byproduct of learning to love myself and take better care of my body.

One of the areas I struggled with throughout my corporate career was the intrinsic desire to please others, and in my position, that often held me back.  “People pleaser” too regularly appeared on my yearly evaluations. But what if all along this was really a good thing, merely cloaked in the wrong profession? In the last decade or so, I’ve come to find faith in that while it is painfully difficult to recognize life’s obstacles as blessings, there’s usually a true purpose guiding us. After years of chasing a paycheck, and then battling my own body, I found an unequivocal passion… and an incandescent ambition to assist others find their healthiest and happiest self.

I’m beyond excited to open my health coaching practice full time, and am so grateful for the clients I have been able to help in the past few months. Nothing PLEASES ME more than hearing someone express their sincere thanks for the difference I helped them cultivate in their own lives. I’m launching a six week online program, opening mid-October, and I am filled to the brim with excitement to help others reach their health goals, and just as importantly- feel f-ing fantastic! Pardon the F Bomb, but I really am just that psyched ; )

So stay tuned, World.








  • Congrats, Tina!! This is HUGE!! Can’t wait to keep up with all you’re up to. xox

    • Tina

      Thanks so much, Jenny! Love all your work too, and can not thank you enough for the guidance to attend IIN! Congrats on all your recent media appearances! So freaking cool. xo

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