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by | May 3rd

Gratitude ChallengeHey guys!

So about a month ago, I was really struggling with sleep, especially falling asleep and then staying asleep. Now, if you know me well, you know I am NOT one of the world’s 5% of lucky ducks that functions efficiently on 6 hours of sleep or less (that’s a real study, btw). In fact, if I don’t get a good solid 7-8 hours of sleep, there’s a phenomenal chance that I will not only resemble Linda Blair in The Exorcist, but I might possibly behave like her too. For reals… I’m a work in progress, remember?

After doing some light research on the interwebz, I concluded that the culprit of my struggle to fall asleep can probs be attributed to my late night scrolling on my phone or iPad. Not sure why I am addictively drawn to late night Instagram, but somehow one little click and I’m all the sudden on some random celeb’s cousins’ page and just can’t put the phone down. #Creeper #YouDoItToo #NoJudging

Anyways, quitting my late night Insta seshes was not easy BUT I did come up with a really rad solution, and one that I thought I’d share with y’all… you know, in case you too are finding your way to Britney Spear’s grandmom’s profile like my friend… or whatever… said she did 😉

My solution is instead of counting sheep (because that’s just weird), is to count what I am thankful for that day! At first, I was picking out the really obvious awesome stuff- getting paid, a sweet dinner on the town, etc. I ultimately decided though that to really feel grateful, I have to appreciate all the LITTLE blessings… that usually go unnoticed as we zip around our day. I started counting things like the sweet email my mom sends me every morning when she gets to work, the amazing color of the tulips I saw while walking Izzie, the opportunity I had to give a homeless man my extra apple as I drove through downtown. I’ve noticed that as I started counting up alllll these little blessings, it has gotten easier and easier to identify them when I spot them throughout my day… and give them the gratitude they deserve right then and there.

The other funny thing that happened- I started being able to drift off into dreamland much easier each night. I’m not Einstein (unless he was blonde, loved leopard print and hot pink lipstick, because then I kinda am), but I would assume this is because I am no longer looking at the bright screen in the dark… but maybe also because I am giving myself a chance to find some mental peace before nodding off to sleep. Whatever the reason, it’s working. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

So my challenge to you, whether you are suffering from insomnia or not, for the next seven days, as you close your eyes – can you think of five things you are thankful for from that present day? And because I know y’all are such wise lil’ owls and really up for the challenge, I’m going to ask that just one of those five blessings actually be a “hiccup” or an obstacle you bumped into that day… someone that was rude to you while getting coffee, something didn’t go your way at work, your child became the spawn of an alien and threw a tantrum at the grocery store, etc. You get it, right? Why are these blessings? Because they are opportunities to learn, to respond to someone with love, or a way to hold space for something better to come along instead. Even if these were not your initial reactions, because let’s face it- we can’t be Rainbow Brite all day, everyday – you can acknowledge your mistake and make the intention to do better or respond better next time. Ya feel me, homeslice?

Ok, so keep me posted on how your challenge goes! And stop Instagram stalking…or don’t…and tell me all your new fav accounts for me to look at during normal daylight hours, mmmkaayyy???



p.s. That’s Izzie in the pic at the top. I’m always grateful for that wiggle-butt.

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