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by | May 18th


I recently completed a year long program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, getting a certification in Health Coaching (yayyy me!). We studied over 150 different diets, and explored the psychology behind why people choose to eat particular foods, especially those foods that don’t serve them well- physically or mentally. While there are copious reasons for making poor eating decisions, and I intend to address many of those here on this blog- perhaps the most obvious is a good place to begin: The perceived misconception that eating healthy is inconvenient. Is this ringing a bell with you?? Good, keep reading.

Being “busy” is a disease most of our society and culture has contracted in the last several decades and it has gotten even more perverse with the introduction of social media. We are all always just doing SOMETHING, right?? Alas, while our schedules are always growing and being filled to the brim, so have our waistlines. And time, or lack thereof, seems to most to be the justifiable excuse to feed ourselves straight up crap…. despite also feeling like a pile of crap too.

So my goal is to not only show y’all some easy, nutritious recipes for peeps on the go (if that’s not “you”, you are my spirit animal. I want your extra time… all of it). In addition, I’ll also give you some pointers how to make healthy living more simplified.

Tip numero uno: PLAN. Oh, you thought it was a secret, magic source of sage wisdom? Nope, it’s this simple. Failure to plan is planning to fail… this is one cliche I’m all about. My husband does our grocery shopping for the week every Sunday. Yes, I know that makes him swoon worthy to many ladies, but he says we spend too much if I tag along…oops ; )  There is a bit of teamwork in here though as I contribute to the week’s meal planning in advance before he goes. Not only does this save money because we aren’t just randomly selecting whatever looks appealing on the shelf, but it also saves him time when he’s in there. He knows exactly what we need to get, and then gets out of there as fast as possible. It also creates less chance for him to pick up junk food that might be screaming at him as he strolls the aisles (don’t be a victim to marketing placement, k?). Are ya following me so far? Time and money saved. Boom.

Tip 2: Write out a meal plan for the week with all those tasty new groceries you bought. Having a visual plan helps when you are packing work/school lunches, etc. I plan for 5 small meals a day, as my body functions optimally this way. I choose nutritious and easily portable “meals” for all but dinner, as I am constantly on the go until dinner time. Good suggestions? An avocado (slice in half before you leave home, sprinkle with some Himalayan Pink Salt and Pepper, and then put the two halves back together to avoid any browning), almonds, a hard boiled egg, and blueberries.

Tip 3: Have a handful of go-to easy 10-15 minute healthy recipes you can depend on each night for dinner. I am all about experimenting in the kitchen when I have time. Oh heyyy, Saturday ; ) But Monday through Thursday nights are all about how fast I can get through my nightly duties and on to the couch to relaxxxxx. P.S- if you have any advice on how to temper binge watching Netflix series on a work night, you can send post your suggestions in the comments below. But as I was saying, choose some dinner options you can rely on for those work/school week nights that you are confident will give you the nutrition you need the next day, and also will get you outta that kitchen asap.

So let’s start with one of our favs here at the Blonde Beet Nirvana headquarters, a.k.a Chateau Milnes :

Zucchini noodles and meat sauce!

I preface that to make this recipe, you are going to need a spiralizer. Spiralizers can be found at most stores that supply cookware. I purchased our’s at Williams & Sonoma for about $40, and it has been well worth the investment. This thing pumps out enough noodles for 4 people in about 2 minutes.


-Zucchini. One zucchini makes enough people for 2 people.

– 1 Diced Onion

– 1 Green Pepper

– 1 lb (usually a package) of Grass Fed Organic Ground Beef

-Organic Tomato Sauce. I’m sure many of you have awesome homemade tomato sauce recipes that don’t come from a jar, and if you have those frozen or the time to make from scratch, even better. That’s much more of a Saturday move for me though (tonight’s blog is about saving time remember?)

Step 1: Use the spiralizer to make the zucchini noodles. I advise cutting them up a bit too.

Step 2: In a sauce pan, put your ground beef in to cook.

Step 3: After a couple minutes, add your onion and green pepper.

Step 4: Once your ground beef and onion has cooked, add your tomato sauce.

optional Step 5: Raw zucchini noodles are delish, but if you want to soften them a bit, put them in a separate pan with a bit of olive oil and let them cook a bit.

Combine the whole sha-bang, and there ya go- dinner in about 15 minutes! Here’s a few pics of what our’s looks like:

365 Organic Pasta Sauce          Zucchini Noodles


Tag me in your #FastFoodWithBBN pics on IG! I am always looking for some new goodies ; )






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