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by | Mar 1st

Hey dudes!

Thanks for stopping by Blonde Beet Nirvana! The creation of this lifestyle-ish blog has been in the works for a while now, and I’m so stoked to finally have it coming to fruition. So what is Blonde Beet Nirvana??? Well, it’s me, essentially… just pursuing a happy, inspired, fulfilled, creative, healthy, peaceful… and a little bit glam… awesome life! As with most things, it’s a project always under construction, but I’m psyched to share with you my ride ; )

So, perhaps the best way to introduce BBN- I’ll start by asking you the same question I asked myself a few years ago. Just curious- how often do you take the time to really check in with yourself and your overall happiness? I call this your happiness “pulse”, btw. By pulse, I’m not talking about the decision that you’re “having the shittiest Wednesday” or that “this Saturday of laying on the beach kinda rules”… but more like when you step back, and look at large increments of time, say a year or two- are you really, truly happy? Inspired? Blissfully pursuing your passions?

For a long time (much longer than I would probably like to admit, but pretty much most of my twenties), I kinda just went with the flow in life… and things were copacetic. Copacetic is good, right? I mean… the actual literal definition is “very satisfactory”, so in other words, I had little to complain about. I had a good corporate job, married my college sweetheart, my family was close by (they may have been as dysfunctional as the Osbornes but cohesive nonetheless), and a large group of friends I partied/hung out with a lot. I can remember turning 30, and thinking to myself that I could feel content with my existence in this world because I could check off most of those proverbial boxes- husband (check), corporate career (check), homeowner (check), financially independent (check), family (check), tons of friends to hang out with (check), healthy (check)… you get the point. A lot of checks next to external things. 

And then something happened. A series of life events happened… and somehow a number of those “check marks” that represented my formalization of a happy life were erased in the process, or at the very least, became substantially muted. I’ll spare you most of the details, because as I’d come to find, the details really are just details. I will note however, that adorable college sweetheart I married still is the best decision I ever made and there is always a check by his name… you know, in case you were wondering ; )

Anyways, while each of these events alone would have been tough to handle, the collision of all of them created the Perfect Storm (channeling a young Marky Mark on a boat right now). At the time, “perfect” was the the antithesis of the word I would use to describe my life, but I now understand that sometimes the Universe has to shake things up a bit to teach us life’s most important lessons. And for that, I am beyond thankful.

As I was I trying to collect and re-sew the pieces of my life, I asked myself the question I asked y’all earlier. Am I really, truly happy with my life? I think I might have also used an expletive in there too. And the answer was… even beyond all this mess, nahhhh- not really. All those check marks? Kinda really boring, and as I found- not super dependable in the happiness department. Um, okay, so now what?

Well, that’s been really my quest for the past few years-  to live the most authentically happy, inspired, fulfilled, creative, healthy, peaceful… and a little bit glam… really f-ing awesome life! 

Life, even when we decide to really live it- not simply exist in it- doesn’t come with a set of directions. But, what I have discovered, and am determined to share with as many people as I can, a happy life comes from living in color. What does that mean? That’s up for you to discover, but for me, living a life in color means nourishing my body with healthy, real food… finding internal peace, in even the most hectic situations… pursuing my passions (Vogue, I’m coming for ya!)… being grateful for the most simple daily acts, like walking my dog or going for a run… spreading love and kindness around like confetti, especially to those that don’t respond in the same manner (they need it the most, right?)…. and lastly, learning to see all of life’s tough lessons as blessings, because in the end, I’m grateful for the growth they served.

And… that’s basically Blonde Beet Nirvana in a nutshell : ) Keep reading, and I’d love to hear from y’all how each of you lives your life in color!








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